NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: 4 tips to make your goals stick!

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It’s that time of year when we all talk about our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s getting into shape to rock that outfit hidden in the back of our closet, mastering a new skill to make some extra cash, or just improving our daily habits, the new year can be a powerful moment for positive change. In this blog post, we will share four tips, along with helpful resources, to help you succeed with your resolutions this year!

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1. Start Small for Big Results

Many of us have been there—dreaming big about the upcoming year: luxurious vacations, notable physical transformations, and a long wish list. However, such grand resolutions can lead to overwhelm, discouragement, and analysis paralysis. Don’t let that happen this year! Achieving your big goals usually begins with setting small, attainable goals. These small goals serve to provide moments of accomplishment and motivation, keeping us on our path to success.

Why It’s Important to Celebrate Small successes:

2. Make Your Goals SMART

Change can be hard, but it can be done! People change for the better all the time. To ensure you hit your desired goals, create a plan using SMART goals.

  • Make Goals Measurable: Saying you want to shed weight, but not understanding how much and by when, is likely to lead to a flop. With any goal, you will want to create specific measurable targets along the way. This way, you can gauge your progress and adjust as needed.
  • Be Realistic: While shooting for the moon is admirable, being realistic is the key to long-term success. It’s okay to dream big, but ground your goals in an understanding of your current lifestyle, commitments, and capabilities. Understand your reasons for wanting to achieve something and set realistic milestones. Perhaps you’re still aiming for the moon, but break down your journey over a realistic timeframe with appropriate milestones.

Creating SMART goals:

3. Learn from Mistakes

Embrace the reality that change is usually not a picture-perfect journey. Setbacks, challenges, new opportunities—these are all part of change. View setbacks not as failures but as stepping stones to growth. If you think about any great figure in history with big accomplishments, they too had setbacks. Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and keep going!

6 Strategies to Blast Past Setbacks and Achieve Your Goals:

4. Give Your Goals Time

It takes time to turn your goals into habits—it doesn’t happen all at once. In a world where we often hear stories about people losing a lot of weight quickly or going from being poor to rich fast, it’s easy to want the same speedy results. But when we don’t see those changes happening right away, it can make us feel sad or disappointed about ourselves. The truth is, being patient and doing things consistently is what really helps us succeed. Even the folks who seem to have achieved success fast probably did it by working hard and sticking with their efforts over time.

How the science of habits can help us keep our New Year Resolutions, with Wendy Wood, PhD.


You have been challenged!

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You have been challenged to the 28-day NEW START Challenge. Learn more here.