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Join Us for World Hypertension Day!

World Hypertension Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of monitoring blood pressure and understanding the risks associated with hypertension. Over 40% of Alabamians are estimated to live with high blood pressure, making it crucial to take proactive steps in managing this silent but serious condition.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 17th
  • Time: 11 AM- 1 PM
  • Location: Huntsville Family Health Center- 751 Pleasant Row NW, Huntsville

Event Highlights:

  • Free Blood Pressure Readings
    Get your blood pressure checked for free by our care team.
  • Free Blood Pressure Monitors
    Complimentary blood pressure monitors will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for individuals with elevated blood pressure readings.
  • Educational Materials
    Learn about hypertension, its risks, and how to prevent and manage it effectively.

Why Attend?

  • Health Risks of Hypertension
    Hypertension is the #1 risk factor for heart disease, stroke, renal complications, and premature death. Regular monitoring and management are essential to reduce these risks.
  • No Symptoms? No Problem
    High blood pressure often has no symptoms, making it even more important to check your blood pressure regularly.
  • Prevention and Management
    Discover how simple lifestyle changes and regular monitoring can prevent and manage hypertension, leading to a healthier, longer life.

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Share this with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you on May 17th!

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