National Health Center Week 2023!

Caring for All, National Health Center Week

Hey there, if you missed out on the chance to pet a llama or catch the Huntsville Drumline performance during National Health Center Week, don’t worry, there’s always next year! But before we dive into all the exciting stuff you missed, let’s start by sharing the inspiring story of Norma. Her journey sheds light on why it’s crucial to raise awareness about the services offered at health centers and why National Health Center Week matters.

Norma’s Story – Unpleasant Surprises

Now, when it comes to surprises, healthcare surprises are usually the kind we’d rather avoid. That’s where Norma comes in. Her story is a testament to how health centers are transforming lives and communities.

Norma’s story begins with a sudden job loss, which also meant losing her safety net of health insurance. Just when she needed it the most, Norma found herself without coverage, and on top of that, unexpected health issues cropped up, causing her much worry.

In her search for solutions, Norma turns to Brenda, a friend who has weathered a similar storm. Brenda, once uninsured but now insured, along with her family, are patients at their local health center. Brenda introduces Norma to the concept of a health center – a place where everyone, regardless of their insurance status, can access quality healthcare. With an assuring smile, Brenda tells Norma, “They will take care of you”.

Visiting a Health Center

Norma’s first visit to the health center is an eye-opener. It’s a one-stop shop for all things health offering medical care, dental care, chiropractic care, behavioral health services, prescription assistance, and laboratory diagnostics—all accessible to individuals of all ages. Furthermore, she is able to apply for a sliding fee scale program, which makes all the services affordable. It’s a true game-changer.

Norma’s experience resonates with countless individuals who have faced the daunting absence of critical healthcare services. This is why National Health Center Week is so significant. This annual celebration not only applauds the achievements of health centers but also serves as a platform to raise awareness about their pivotal role within communities. Health centers are the backbone of strong communities, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of the type of insurance or lack of insurance.

At Central North Alabama Health Services, Inc., we’re on a mission to look out for our community. Our goal is simple—to make life better for everyone by providing access to quality healthcare services. We’re here to support individuals and families, so that they can flourish regardless of insurance status.

We’ve got you covered!

The week kicks off!

National Health Center Week commenced with remarkable energy! We joined hands with WellStone, the Recovery Center, and the Food Bank of North Alabama to provide services to people experiencing homelessness at the Salvation Army. Despite the rain and thunder, our team’s spirit remained unbroken. We transitioned indoors, offering health screenings, care packages, remote consultations on our mobile unit, lunch, information, and food supplies. The demand for remote appointments through our “Wellness on Wheels” mobile unit was so high that we had to return the following week to accommodate all the requests.

The Air Was Filled with Gratitude!

We love our patients!

Our patients lie at the heart of our mission, and we celebrated them with enthusiasm on Patient Appreciation Day. Gratitude flowed through our clinics as we expressed our thanks through branded merchandise, and we brought smiles to four lucky winners with $50 gift cards. These tokens, though small, symbolize the immense significance our patients hold in the work we do. If you are a patient of one of our Family Health Centers, we say “thank you”.

Saluting Our Heroes: Staff Appreciation Day

Behind each successful mission stand the champions who breathe life into it. Staff Appreciation Day was a joyful occasion to recognize our staff’s contributions. We had a few surprises up our sleeves for our staff and treated them to a night out of bowling!

A Grand Finale: The Community Fun & Wellness Festival

The last celebration of the week was the Community Fun & Wellness Festival, an annual extravaganza co-hosted with other local health centers – Central North Alabama Health Services, Inc., Thrive Alabama, and, HAPPI Health. Over 700 enthusiastic individuals joined us for a whirlwind of energy. The beats of the Huntsville Drumline got the energy up, and 103.1 WEUP’s Lashay B added a touch of magic to the ambiance. The Richard Shower’s Recreation Center, already a hub of fun, transformed into an unforgettable festival ground with bounce houses, a petting zoo, free food, and games. Beyond the festivities, this day was about raising awareness of our mission and services. We were privileged to host representatives from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) and the Alabama Primary Health Care Association  (APHCA), making the day even more remarkable.

At the center booths, we conducted health screenings and showcased our comprehensive healthcare offerings – a one-stop destination for families and individuals. From pediatrics to adult medicine, women’s health, behavioral health, dental care, pharmacy services, and more – we’ve got it covered. We also helped people without insurance (or underinsured) understand how care can be affordable with our sliding fee scale program.  

Physicals for the kids, screenings for the whole family – it was a community affair like no other. We also had many agencies like the North Alabama Area Health Education Center (AHEC) pitching in, raising awareness about all the services that are right at the fingertips of our community.

A Prosperous North Alabama

The North Alabama community is truly unique, and as the population keeps increasing, the healthcare demands also continue to grow. Central North Alabama Health Services, Inc. is committed to ensuring that anyone needing care can get care. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all stakeholders and this incredible community we have the privilege to serve.

No Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurances welcomed!

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