5 tips for a fun and safe Halloween!

This year, as COVID-19 continues to spread, gatherings and social events continue to pose a threat for increased COVID-19 transmission.

Given that many children that celebrate Halloween are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine – safety is key for a fun and safe Halloween.

Here are 5 tips to staying safe while having fun:

  • TIP 1:  If you are celebrating – take the festivities outside but continue to avoid large groups and gatherings
  • TIP 2: Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when water and soap are not available.  Kids can get sick by touching something that was touched by someone sick, and then touching their mouth, eyes, or nose.  Make sure you are proactive when it comes to hand hygiene.
  • TIP 3:  If you are indoors, mask up and social distance – this becomes even more important if your child is not yet fully vaccinated. Remember that children under two should not wear a mask.
  • TIP 4: Learn more about staying safe during the holidays by visiting the CDC’s Holiday Celebration Page.
  • TIP 5: Remember that safety practices like inspecting your treats before consumption, wearing clothing and accessories that fit properly to avoid trips, and being an alert pedestrian are still a top priority.

Staying Home

Will you enjoy Halloween from the comfort of your home?  You might want to check out these celebration ideas by Better Homes & Gardens –11 Festive Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home.

We hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween. Remember that the best way to protect yourself and those you love against COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.  To learn more about getting vaccinated at our Family Health Centers, click here.