Chief Medical Officer Makes An Appearance on Wellness Wednesday

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy: Men’s Health Matters!

Recently, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kathy Cornelius, shared valuable insights on Fox 54‘s Wellness Wednesdays, focusing on the critical topic of Men’s Health. Dr. Cornelius emphasized to reporter Jasamine Byrd the critical importance of proactive health management for men, highlighting several key concerns.

Men, on average, live nearly 5 years less than women, a statistic that underscores the urgency for men to prioritize their health. Dr. Cornelius pointed out that men tend to visit doctors less frequently than women, often have more hazardous occupations, and are often underinsured, all factors that contribute to their health risks.

“Regular check-ups are crucial,” Dr. Cornelius stressed, recommending at least annual visits to monitor overall health. Specific screenings, such as colonoscopies, typically begin around age 50 but may be required earlier depending on individual health risks and medical history.  Establishing a routine with your doctor ensures timely screenings and proactive health management tailored to your needs.

Dr. Cornelius also highlighted the significance of mental health, noting that men face a 3.8 times higher rate of suicide compared to women. Tragically, when men do attempt suicide, their methods tend to be more lethal. Addressing mental health concerns openly and seeking professional support are essential steps in reducing these risks.


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